Monday, May 11, 2009

Jesus Christ Superstar


We are getting ready for the big event...
Being the "cluckety-cluck" Mom I am ..
I had been giving him a big lecture on Good Friday..

I told him that Jesus died on the cross for us ....and how painful it must have been for him..
He listened to all this ..and was very sober for a couple of minutes...
And it was back to jumping on the well-worn sofa..

We said our prayers and went to bed..
He wanted to know about the Cross....
And I told him that it was a kind of tree and Jesus was hung from it..

He looked happy for a minute and assured me ..
"Dont worry Mom-Spiderman would swing from the tree and definitely rescue him.."

Wish I had thot of that !

Here's to a contemplative Good Friday and a happy Easter

( )

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our personal Tsunami

A trivial portion of Chotu's non-stop chatter for the day :(and a better part of the nite)

You can visit us any time of the day ..
We guarantee non-stop entertainment
Non stop switching of all the cartoon channels

Mom on the sofa-yes on top of it..
The floor is littered with toys and playmates -the plastic kind Of course-What did you think..
And the roaches racing for the piece of roti I thoughtfully left for them on the sofa...
That was y'day....
Maybe I will repeat the kind act during lunch today..and hopefully see more of them

Wow listen to that Screaming ..
Guess Mom saw the roach....or the roach saw Mom..

Is that my WATER GUNnnnnnnnnn..
Wet the bed -Not literally of course..
What do you think-That happened last night ..
I am older now ..

How about the folded clothes..Hmm gotta plan the target..

When can I go down to play?
Is it evening yet ?
What time of the day is it ?
Is there anything to eat?
Can I cut your hair ?

Amma's (as in Mommy) take on the situation :

It is that time of the year when it each home where a tiny tot resides...

This year ..
It is the first for me ...
I was not prepared..

This is on the bed

This is below the bed..

It is 12.00 in the nite and I am still cleaning..

Sleepy and Sighin
I have no "take" on anything !!!!

This I have to say tho- and I really mean it
I can't wait for him to wake up ..
And ask all those questions...