Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will be back

In case anybody checks in..(I very much doubt that :)) Will be back after my PhD is complete..Take care and ciao

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Plea to those who write a student's future..

I am eager..I am young

I feel things that you have long forgotten
Passion, Enthusiasm , Friendship..
All perfect in my little glass bowl
Do not be the one to shatter my illusions

I am testing waters..
Unaware of uncertainties..I live life believing my infallibility..
I try..I fall ..I try again

I am confident ..The world is my oyster..
Do not break my spirit..

The real world waits
I have heard that it is cruel..You would know
Let it wait..A minute
Let me learn,Let me give,Let me grow..
Help me if you can
Do not be the one to steal my smile
Recognise my goodness ..Before clipping my wings

Time-the great waiting
With one swoop of his arms He will break my little bubble soon..

I am a flower that blossomed today..
Let me live this day..
"Dedicated to all youngsters who suffer for their teacher's sins.Foto from internet"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IPL Blues

It is starting on the 13th..How apt..Definitely unlucky for me

A lot of clubs form a part of the IPL..Thot I will declare mine too..
I will call it IWC-Ignored Wives Club-

Hmm..Nothing much to do-Will grin and bear it ..